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WALCRETE is a unique two-component water proofing system based on matured, advanced German Technology modified to suit most stringent Indian conditions. Component A - HIGH BOND-40 is an acrylic based polymer bonding agent which has extraordinary favourable characteristic when used with hydraulically setting mortar, the COMPONENT-B - WALCRETE pulverized material has hydraulically setting characteristics. The interaction of these two components generate crystallization which penetrates concrete by osmosis process even against hydrostatic pressure producing unparalleled water proofing surface.

Application Area

The product is ideally suited for sealing of surface dampness, water penetration and seepage points in roof slabs, basements, pits, underground shafts, garages, tunnels, dams, cellars, water retaining structures like water tanks, swimming pools, sewage plants, terraces, bathrooms, kitchen, floors exposed to dampness. The product works equally well for concrete structures, brick, masonry works, cement renderings, plasters etc. and can be used both as undercoat or overcoat depending on application.

The other uses of the product are in eliminating paint peeling fungus, mildew, moss and for creating a strong barrier against salt peter (sulphating chloride) action on surface and preventing atmospheric pollution, moisture and gas leakages etc.


  • Produces unparalleled waterproof surfaces hydrophobic in nature impermeable to water and dampness.
  • Prevents growth of moss and fungus and mildew.
  • Having thixotropic properties can be used on vertical and inclined surface.
  • Excellent adhesion to almost all types of structures and building materials.
  • Free of chlorides, water soluble halogens and corrosive substances.
  • Resistant to alkalis and UV rays.
  • Non-Toxic and non-combustible.
  • Possess high flexural and tensile strength and elastic properties and thus does not crack even under extreme temperature variations prevalent in Indian conditions.
  • Provides protection against freeze thaw.
  • Highly durable and has long life.
  • Excellent barrier to moisture, gas atmospheric, and chemical attack on structure.
  • Abrasion resistant & washable.
  • No skilled labour needed. Can be applied by brush even by untrained person.

Application Methodology And Surface Preparation

  • Remove all existing treatment.
  • Clean the surface free of oils, grease, dust, damp and loose plaster.
  • Clean the cracks and joints from dust and loose particles.
  • Fill all the cracks and wide joints if any with Cement and Sand mixed with HIGH BOND-40 and make the structure sound where necessary by grouting. Avoid formation of cavities or bubbles at the time of filling.
  • Allow the surface to dry for 4 hours and where necessary refill the crack to the level of surface.

Preparation Of Slurry

  • Take out one part of Component 'A' - HIGH BOND-40 in the bucket and dilute it by adding four times water by volume of HIGH BOND-40 and
  • Then, mix Component 'B' - WALCRETE in proportion of 10-18 times of the HIGH BOND-40 liquid, stir well to get a paint like slurry.

Repair Of Damaged Area

  • Wet the area lightly where the slurry is to be applied.
  • Now apply the first coat of slurry with the help of a trowel or brush.
  • The thickness for the first coat shall be kept within the range of 1 mm to 3 mm depending on the condition and the requirement of the surface to be protected.
  • Allow the first coat to semi dry for minimum of 1-2 hour. Apply subsequent coats while the first coat is still semi dry taking care to protect the coating from being damaged during subsequent coats.

Curing And Protection

  • Cure all the coatings by clean water to avoid early hardening. The curing process should continue for 7 days.
  • Protect from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures for atleast seven days till the coatings have fully hardened.

Application Of Decorative Systems

Decorative tiles, wood panels etc. can be easily fixed over the coatings after a lapse of 10 days.


The consumption of the WALCRETE will largely depend on condition of the structures and application method. The table below gives a guide line on thickness of coating and consumption in different condition.

Surface Recommended Min. Coating Approx Consumption
Damp Surface Seepage water & Wet surface Without hydraulic 2.0 mm 3 kg/m2
Pressure Surface subjected 3.0 mm 5 kg/m2
To a head of 5 mtr. 4.0 mm 6 kg/m2

Storage & Packing

Store in a cool dry place in air tight original packing.
Packing - 30 kg. PVC Laminated Bag

Shelf Life:

12 Months if stored properly.

This information contained herein is believed to be accurate from the time of publication. But no warranty is made with respect to any results obtained or the infringement of any proprietary rights. No liability is accepted at user's sole discretion.