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Two- Component, Extraordinary Hard, Abrasion Resistant, Elastic, Impermeable to Carbon Dioxide, Weatherproof


TOP CINTER-48 is a solvent less two component system – one is resin and other is hardener, specially designed for excellent chemical resistance and provides a hard wearing surface for the floor & wall. The finally cured film is tough, flexible and had excellent adhesion to concrete, plaster, tiles, metals etc. The film has a semigloss and smooth finish.

Product Features

  • Ideal for sealing porous concrete
  • Non dusting
  • Stops rusting in the steel surface
  • Hard wearing
  • Fast curing
  • Good aesthetics
  • Excellent chemical resistance for Acid, Alkalies & Salt

Recommended Uses

For chemical abrasion resistance floors in :

  • Production assemble areas
  • Workshops
  • Food processing units
  • Soft drink bottling plants
  • Dairies and breweries
  • Drinking water tank
  • Swimming pools, Sports Complex
  • Wall Coatings

For Other Area :

Anti-corrosive coating on the structure, concrete surface in fertilizer plants, water drink storage tanks E.T.P. Plants, swimming pools & suitable squash wall coating , power, fertilizer and chemical industry, water tanks etc. etc.

Product Specification

Mixing Ratio Base : Hardener 5 : 1
Pot Life 30 minutes
Colours Ivory, grey or any other colour, as required
Drying Time Touch dry : 2 hours
Hard dry : 8 hours
Coverage 2- 4 sq.mtr. per kg. depending on surface
Method of Application Brush or roller
Temperature Resistance On dry surface : -25°C to 150°C
On wet surface : upto +70°C
Shelf Life 1 year

Surface Preparation

The long term durability of the applied TOP CINTER-48 topping is dependant on the adhesive bond achieved between the flooring material and substrate. It is most important therefore, that substrate surfaces are correctly prepared prior to application.

  • New concrete or cementitious substrates should have been placed at least 28 days and have a moisture content of less than 5% before with TOP CINTER-48.
  • Before application, the surface to be coated, should be free from loose particles, rust, oils, grease or earlier coatings and should be thoroughly dry.
  • After surface is dry, all repair work like sealing of joints, cracks filling of cavities and crevices should be carried out.
  • In case of porous surface, apply Primer coat of PRIMER TOP CINTER-48 (Concrete). In case of Iron & Steel surface, it should be got sand blasted or clean the rust thoroughly by any mechanical means and then apply PRIMER TOP CINTER-48 (Steel) immediately, after cleaning the surface by sand blasting or other mechanical means.

Method of Application

  • Stir well before mixing the base and the hardener of the two component system and mix in the prescribed ratio.
  • TOP CINTER-48 should be applied on the surface to be coated by brush or spray equipment or airless spray machine and the coat should be allowed to air dry for at least 6-8 hours preferably in a dust free atmosphere.
  • If two or more coats are required, allow the first coat to dry hard before applying the next coats.
  • In case of metal surface, make it free from oil, grease, rust and other foreign particles. For better result, use sand blasting or other mechanical means to remove the rust & other impurities. The Primer coat of PRIMER TOP CINTER-48 (Steel) should be applied after sand blasting of the surface.

Handling and Safety

Keep the containers tightly sealed when not in use. Avoid skin contact and inhalation of fumes (if any). While spraying it is advised to wear a mask. If it comes in contact with the body, wash affected parts with plenty of water. In case of persistent irritation, contact a physician.

This information contained herein is believed to be accurate from the time of publication. But no warranty is made with respect to any results obtained or the infringement of any proprietary rights. No liability is accepted at user's sole discretion.