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NEELAM'S BUILDING PROTECTION SYSTEMS LTD., (Chemical Division) has come out with Permanent Traffic Marking Paint with two components plastic called "BEMARCK" with Technical collaboration of U.S.A. Company, which has following outstanding parameters.

  • It is thick
  • Sedimentation free
  • Thixotropic
  • Milky white
  • Cold plastic material

It hardens through a chemical reaction and is recommended for permanent markings for the Highways, Roadways etc., like Centre Lines, shoulder Lines, Zebra Crossing etc. etc. BEMARCK Coating is specially formulated with firy and dry sphere, refractive glass beads for the night visibility, which is not available in the Ordinary Marking Paint. The dried layer has following outstanding qualities:

  • Tremendous abrasion resistance
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Adhesion
  • Long lasting life
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Drive resistance
  • Oil spill resistance
  • It has hot very less setting time only about 10 minutes, depending upon temperature.
  • It is also anti skidding, non-yellowing, fast setting type.
  • It does not have any adverse effect slush/dust.
  • Also it does not have much effect of the ageing.

Thus, it is very economical to use BEMARCK- Traffic Marking Paint having a number of outstanding qualities as compared with the ordinary marking paint as per cost benefit analysis. By mixing two components in recommended proportions, it can be easily applied on road with spatula, sheet metal throwel BEMARCK MARKER manual application within 20 minutes.

Thus, keeping in view night time visibility, anti skid and other special features of BEMARCK-THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY PAINT, it is strongly recommended that this Traffic Marking Paint "BEMARCK" - the innovative result of research work of NEELAM'S BUILDING PROTECTION SYSTEMS LTD., (Chemical Division), should be used for the Highways/Roadways etc. in preference to the Ordinary Marking Paint.