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A Ready-to-Use, Quick Setting, Accelerating Admixture


QS 530 is a ready to use, quick setting liquid accelerator and is used as an admixture for Sealing Mortars. When mixed with ordinary Portland Cement, it sets rapidly to seal areas of severe infiltration. Apart from quick setting, mortar can be used to plug and seal inrushes of water.

Advantages & Uses

QS 530 has the following advantages:

  • It is Chloride Free
  • Minimum Rebound
  • Rapid Sealing of water tanks, coolers etc.
  • Excellent for Overhead Surfaces.
  • Good Plasticizing Properties.
  • Non-Flammable

QS 530 is used for preliminary leak sealing work on wet surfaces. When used in sprayed Concrete and Mortar processes, it provides Rapid setting thereby allowing very fast build-up on the work face.


Only that amount of QS 530 is to be mixed, which can be placed immediately. Once it starts setting, it should not be used anymore. Mixing water should be clean, free from any components harmful to cement and above 50C. All loose particles should be removed and any sharp protrusions leveled off.

Below OOC, it is recommended to warm up the cement and aggregates for optimum results. Warm water can also be used. QS 530 mixtures are first poured into the container. Cement is then sprinkled quickly until the liquid is covered. Mix quickly and thoroughly into a paste, in the ratio 1:3:: Liquid: Cement respectively. Use immediately after mixing.


It is packed in 35 Kg , 50 Kg & 100 Kg Containers.

Storage & Shelf Life

QS 530 should be stored in a original sealed containers free from direct sunlight and frost.

Shelf Life: One year in original unopened containers.

Handling Precautions

It is recommended to wear gloves at the time of use. If the paint splash into the eyes, clean with plenty of water, and if irritation persists, consult a physician. Prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided.

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