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Ready-to-Use, One Component, waterborne, polyurethane based, Cold Applied, Aliphatic PU Based, Solar Reflective, Elastic, Long Lasting with a permanent solution for Roof & Concrete Surface

PU Coat-400 is one component PU based coating for roof & concrete, PU COAT-400 is waterproof, solar reflective, insulative, resistant to the growth of micro organisms, roots, fungus etc. PU Coat-400 acts as an excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride ions, sulphates and water.

What is PU COAT-400

PU COAT-400 is a one component flexible coating, a unique product, which is designed to cope with extreme stress and strain of expansion and contraction of exposed reinforced concrete structures and plaster wall surface. PU COAT-400 is a cold applied one component elastic material on an aliphatic base for use on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. Upon curing PU COAT-100 forms a seamless and joint free, watertight, flexible, and elastic membrane, thereby making the treated surface absolutely impervious to water. By virtue of its formulation, the cured membrane is resistant to ultra violet radiations and exhibits excellent resistance to aggressive attacks from industrial pollution. It also increases the insulation capacity of wall. The flexible properties of PU COAT-400 ensures the safe bridging of surfaces subject to hairline cracking. PU COAT-400 is suitable for use on all types of structures.

PU Coat-400 outperforms all available coatings in every protective function and is extremely user/environment friendly coating with elastic properties. It fills the cracks and bridges moving cracks due to its elongational properties.

PU COAT-400 is one component waterborne polyurethane based, coating to provide rich, lustrous, very smooth, flexible & tough film to provide hygienic surface. Due to extra ordinary adhesiveness it can be applied on various surfaces like concrete, plaster of paris, brick, plaster etc.

Advantages of PU COAT-400

Concrete is constantly under attacks from environmental pollution as well as moisture ingress, penetration of chloride and other deleterious chemicals. All these pollutants/water highly affect the durability of concrete and speed up the corrosion process.
PU Coat-400 has been precisely engineered to fight the cumulative influence of all these hazards on your building whether new or old.

• It forms a very smooth and tough film.
• Excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride ions, sulphates and water.
• Due to flexible properties no sun cracks develop on the exposed surfaces.
• Highly durable in all climatic conditions.
• Provides excellent, reliable and long lasting waterproofing to walls, inclined roofs, pitched roofs, balconies, terraces, sun shades etc.
• After cure forms a membrane which is flexible, elastic and watertight. Even porous building materials will not absorb water.
• Highly economical due to supply in ready to use form and no wastage of the material.
• Lifespan and durability of the structure is increased.
• Provides seamless and joint free surface, which is impervious to water.
• No machinery or equipment is required for application.
• No melting, welding or hot air sealing is involved.
• Low labour costs due to easy, simple and quick application, leading to quick completion and time saving.
• PU Coat-400 is UV resistant, aliphatic and provides moderate insulation due to solar reflection.
• PU COAT-400 is resistant to the growth of microorganisms, roots, fungus etc.
• Excellent bonding to most building materials, such as concrete, screeds, plaster, bricks sand lime bricks, roof tiles asbestos etc.


PU COAT-400 is ideal for application over R.C.C. surfaces, Brick masonry, Asbestos Roofings, Decorative outer coating cum Waterproofing, coating on exposed reinforced concrete structure/plaster.

Directions For Use

i. Before application of PU COAT-400, the surface has to be cleaned & dried thoroughly. Carbon, fungus, algae etc. should be removed with wire brush/mechanical means.
ii. For filling major cracks, sealants like BPG-700, Porseal C-900 can be used. However, this process need not be carried out for minor and hairline cracks, since PU COAT-400 itself will act as filler in these areas.
iii. In case of rising dampness /efflorescence apply two coats of SP Coat-15/Bond WPP-17 on the sound plaster after thoroughly cleaning the surface before application of PU COAT-100.

Method of Application

1. Apply two coats of PU COAT-400, allow about 24 hours (300C) for PU COAT-400 to cure.

Technical Data

Base : One component aliphatic
Water impermeability : Excellent PU base
Chemical Resistance : Good
Colour : White
U.V. Resistance : Excellent
Condition after : Flexible & Elastic
Insulation Properties : Good Hardening
Solar Reflective : Good
Method of : Brush or spray
Application Recoating interval : 2-4 hours (min.) 24 hrs. (max.)
Ageing shrinkage : None No. of Coats
Recommended : 2 (min.)
Pot life : 2-4 hours at 300C
Touch-dry : 30 minutes At (300C 50% Rel. humidity)
Coverage PU Coat-400 : 4-8 sqmt./kg/coat
Hard dry : 4 hrs. at 300C
Shelf life : Minimum 6 months if sealed drum is not opened.
Temp. Resistance : -50C + 700C approx.


It is packed in 25kg containers.


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