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BPG-600 ST is ready to use, Organic Solvent Base, one component elastomeric water repellent compound. BPG-600 ST is colourless coating, it is a cost effective way to preserve the original colour, texture, original beauty and integrity of exterior brick, concrete and almost all absorbent mineral substrates. Particularly worth mentioning are its resistance to alkalies, its good penetration power and its outstanding beading effect. For many types of natural stone, in particular, there is to date still no alternative to BPG-600 ST. It does not seal surface pores and maintains the original breathing capacity of concrete, brick and masonry. It is most suitable due to high penetration power for the old and new bridges to protect the concrete of the bridges for long life and to stop the influence of environmental pollution features. Is most suitable due to high penetration power for the old and new bridges to protect the concrete of the bridges, highways, side walls and drives for long life and to stop the influence of environmental pollution features.

Features of BPG 600 ST
BPG-600 ST

  • Has good penetration capacity on low absorption surfaces as well as on fine pore or moist (not wet) surfaces up to depth of 2mm to 5 mm.
  • Crack bridging capacity, High alkaline resistance, UV resistant & Easy Application.
  • Stop the influences of environment pollutants.
  • Protects the exterior masonry reliably against the penetration of moisture to interiors despite pelting rains.
  • Through this process of prevention of transfer of moisture to interiors, an efficient waterproofing and damp proofing is obtained during spring as well as winter seasons.
  • Leaves interiors dry by under all weather conditions. Does not affect the breathing capacity of impregnated surfaces.
  • Prevents damaging of masonry exposed to aggressive atmosphere especially by frost.
  • Prevents efflorescence and checks moss and fungus growth. Does not bring about change in colour or structure of impregnated areas. 9.Shields effectively the facades against dust and soot.
  • Provides long lasting and durable impregnation to facades supplemented by water repelling properties.

Features of B GUARD ST (R)

B.GUARD ST (R) is a flexible coating, a unique product, which is designed to cope with extreme stress and strain of expansion and contraction of exposed reinforced concrete structures and plaster wall surface. B.GUARD ST (R) is a cold applied, one component material on an aliphatic acrylate polymer base for use on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. Upon curing B.GUARD ST (R) forms a seamless and joint free, watertight, flexible and elastic membrane, thereby making the treated surface absolutely impervious to water. By virtue of its formulation, the cured membrane is resistant to ultra violet radiations and exhibits excellent resistance to aggressive attacks from industrial pollution. It also increases the insulation capacity of wall. B.GUARD ST(R) resistant to the growth of microorganisms, roots, fungus etc. The flexible properties of B.GUARD ST(R) ensure the safe bridging of surfaces subject to hairline cracking. B.GUARD ST(R) is suitable for use on all types of structures, especially those in aggressive marine and coastal environments.

Advantages Of B.Guard ST (R)

  • Provides excellent, reliable and long lasting waterproofing to walls, inclined roofs.
  • After curing forms a membrane which is flexible and watertight. Even porous building materials will not absorb water.
  • Highly economical due to supply in ready to use form and no wastage of the material.
  • Lifespan and durability of the structure is increased.
  • Provides seamless and joint free surface, which is impervious to water.
  • No machinery or equipment is required for application.
  • No melting, welding or hot air sealing is involved.
  • Low labour costs due to easy, simple and quick application, leading to quick completion and time saving.
  • Provides moderate insulation due to solar reflection.
  • It can be applied on damp and moist surfaces also.
  • Excellent bonding to most building materials, such as concrete, screeds, plaster, bricks sand lime bricks, roof tiles asbestos etc.
  • Excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride ions, sulphates, oxygen and water.
  • Highly durable in all climatic conditions