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With our knowledge and experience gained in the past more than 22 years, we will try our best to share with you all possible facts related to waterproofing, strengthening and maintenance of structures.

It is an admitted fact that a well-designed Industrial Unit/ Residential House, constructed with the best of material and by spending huge amounts of money does not live its full life and is not maintenance free. To achieve optimum results, application of modern chemicals is of utmost importance for minimizing weathering and damage by water leakages even after a flawless construction.

Just as the study of human anatomy is indispensable to Doctors so as to diagnose and treat the human diseases and unhealthy condition of the body, it is equally essential for the Building Technologists to study the problems which adversely affect the condition of Buildings, Factories and other Concrete Structures thoroughly and in depth. If we do not do it, the expected life span of the construction mortar and Concrete will get reduced undoubtedly. Therefore, Water Proofing and Protection Coating are the most important factor to protect the structure of the Building suitably from all diseases such as Cracks in the concrete, algae, and dampness in the walls and rusting in the Concrete Bars. Once water penetrates in Concrete, the bars will become rusted and the rust will act as a cancer to the Building and the life of the Concrete will go down. It is also very pertinent to mention here that in case the roof starts leaking at one point and we do not bother about it, then besides the Water slowly penetrating in the entire Roof, atmospheric gases will also penetrate in the Roof Concrete. After a period of 2-3 years, the Roof reinforcement will start rusting, which will serve as additional factor for the Building's Cancer. Thus, like our Human Body, where medicines are essentially required after the Physician diagnoses the symptoms of illness, it is imperative to diagnose the problems in the Buildings before undertaking any treatment. If we do not correctly diagnose the actual problem in the Building, our treatment of a Building will be totally un-effective and the purpose, for which the treatment is given, will be defeated. In any Building, there can be so many treatments, which will actually depend upon the specific problems being faced in a particular building as and when it is taken up for study.

We are glad to introduce ourselves as pioneers in Building Protection Systems and Developers of Construction Chemicals & Waterproofing Concepts in Northern India. There has now been considerable development in the field of Building Chemicals and their use in the recent past have increased due to advancement in technology. Based on this advanced technology, different Building Specialized jobs are being executed by us with highly sophisticated equipment and by using chemicals being manufactured by us.

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