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Floor Guard-620 (Sports grade)
Acrylic Floor Sealer Coating

Product Description

FLOOR GUARD-620 SPORTS is the finest, premium quality, acrylic latex sports court coating available from modern chemical technology. FLOOR GUARD-620 SPORTS coating has been especially formulated to create a skid-resistant surface when applied on tennis court, paddle courts, volley ball courts etc. It will help to seal, weatherproof, protect and preserve any firm surface, making it more attractive at the same time. It dries quickly, providing an exceptionally tough, durable finish.

Recommended For

FLOOR GUARD-620 SPORTS coating is recommended for use on all exterior or interior sports court surfaces that are fully cured, firm and properly prepared, including concrete, macadam, all weather, asphalt or bituminous based composition surfaces, wood etc can also be used on other hard surface such tile, concrete block, slate, wood, properly prepared and/or primed metal etc.

FLOOR GUARD-620 SPORTS coating is NOT recommended for use on a surface on which heavy motor vehicles with hot tires may be parked. The combination of heat and pressure from the weight of the heavy motor vehicle could result in loss of adhesion to the substrate and film pick-up by the hot tires. FLOOR GUARD-620 SPORTS coating is NOT recommended for use over uncured wood, tar that is still soft or any other infirm surface or any surface that has not been properly prepared.

Surface Preparation

The secret of a successful painting job is proper surface preparation. Surface MUST be free of anything which could adversely affect the adhesion of this coating to the surface, including loose, scaling, peeling, blistering, chipping, cracking, flaking, chalking or powdering paint; dust, dirt, sand, soot, calcimine, efflorescence oe any other chemically free of all mold, fungus, mildew or any other growing organism of any kind. Infirm surface MUST be made firm.

  • Cleaning:
    The surface should be cleaned with water blast to remove all dirt and loose particles. If surface is dirty or soiled by any oily material that could prevent good adhesion of the coating, then it must be thoroughly cleaned with a "Heavy Duty Degreaser", repeating this
  • Caulk Cracks And joints:
    Joints and cracks should be filled with suitable sealant, so that they are flush and smooth with the surrounding surface.
  • Uncoated Surfaces:
    New surfaces can be coated after the surface has thoroughly cured and has been properly prepared. Be sure all loose sand or powdering material is removed. If dirty, follow cleaning instructions above.
  • Smoothly Finished Concrete Surfaces:
    Must be acid-ethed before coating. Mix 4 lit. 20% Hydrochloric Acid (Muriatic Acid) with 8 lit. water in a plastic container. 4 lit. of this mixture with etch approximately100 Sq.ft.(9.29 Sqm.) of surface area. Apply and spread the solution stand for approx.20 minutes, or until all bubbling or fizzing ceases. The etching is then finished and the concrete floor should have a roughened, sandpaper-like texture or profile. Never let acid dry on the surface. Flush thoroughly with clean water. Remove all water with a squeegee or wet/dry vacuum.
  • Previously Painted Surfaces:
    Be sure to remove all loose, scaling, flaking, chipping, peeling or powdering paint. Sand all glossy syrfaces until they are roughened and dull. If dirty, follow cleaning instructions above.

Product Specifications

Form Paint (liquid)
Method of Application Brush, roller or Spray
Drying Time 30 minutes (surface dry)
2 hours (hard dry)
(Depends on Relative Humidity and Temperature)
Recoating Interval 4 hours (minimum)
Number of Coats Recommended 2 coats (minimum)
Covering Capacity 4 to 6 m2/kg per coat depending on surface porosity and roughness of substrate.
Colour Shades All Standard Shades
Shelf Life Minimum 6 months if sealed drum is not opened

Method Of Application

  • Surface Preparation
    The concrete surface should be cleaned to remove dust, dirt, old paint, if any and laitance. It can be applied on Green concrete also. It functions as a curing membrane. All construction joints should be checked thoroughly and sealed. All cracks should be properly sealed with non-shrink grouts or sealants. The surface should be free of any oil and grease.
  • Application Of Coating
    Apply first Primer coat of Primer floor guard on clean and dry concrete surface by brush or roller. Over that apply second coat of FLOOR GUARD - 620. The product is self priming. In case of a few substrates suitable primer is required. Please consult manufacturers before applying on any other substrates.

Special Instructions

  • Stir the contents of the drum thoroughly to disperse the settled matter.
  • Do not store the drums in direct sunlight

This information contained herein is believed to be accurate from the time of publication. But no warranty is made with respect to any results obtained or the infringement of any proprietary rights. No liability is accepted at user's sole discretion.