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Flexible , Elastic Waterproofing and Protection System


ELASTIC COAT-600 is two component cement based waterproofing and concrete protection system for specialized structures like dams, bridge, culverts, tunnels and all hydraulic structures. It is fully suitable for normal waterproofing requirements of terraces, park places, basement, swimming pools, sanitary areas etc. When two components are mixed and applied the film formed is thick elastic membrane with degree of abrasion and chemical resistance. It is most suitable for protection from chloride attacks.

ELASTIC COAT-600 when hardened produces a seamless elastic film which is having mechanical resistance. The component BONDFIT-800 POWDER is cement base mineral modified mortar of proper grading. The second component is ELASTIC COAT-600 polymer based on acrylic emulsion. The crack-bridging is about 0.7mm in normal application thickness. Additional coats increase the cracks bridging characteristics.


  • Two component polymer modified hydraulically setting slurry, solvent free.
  • Crack bridging characteristics.
  • Resistant to carbonation.
  • Withstand chloride ion diffusion.
  • Retains breathing capacity.
  • Resistant to water pressure.
  • No curing required.
  • Can be applied by brush or spatulas.
  • Elastic and flexible membrane with high mechanical resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion to old and new surface.

Field of Application

  • Sealing of strained basement walls.
  • Waterproofing systems for water tanks.
  • Waterproofing systems for high water heads.
  • Sealing and protection of bridge decks, splashing zones, tunnels, cooling towers, balconies etc.
  • Coating for area where there is change is geometry.
  • As a carbonation resistant coating in repair and protection systems.

Surface Prepration

The surface to be coated must comply with principles of building construction and should fulfill the structural requirements, including properly designed sloped to avoid stagnation of water in case of roofs. Any cracks, pot holes expansion joints etc. should be firm, free from fats, oil grease, dust or any other contaminations.

Mixing Instructions and Application

ELASTIC COAT-600 consists of a powder BONDFIT-800 POWDER and a liquid component ELASTIC COAT-600. The liquid component should be emptied into a clean mixing vessel and the powder slowly added to it, while mixing with a slow speed mixing paddle  (approx 400 rpm) or by hand, until a consistent, lump free homogeneous mass is produced. The mixing ratio is approximately 100 parts by volume of liquid to 150 parts by volume of Bondfit-800 Powder. At 20°C, the working time is approximately half an hour. Higher temperatures shorten, and lower temperatures lengthen this time.

ELASTIC COAT-600 can be applied by brush. Before application the surface should be damp but should not be wet.

Technical Specifications

Base Two Component Acrylic based Polymer modified, hydraulically Setting slurry, solvent free.
Colour Grey
Application 10°C to 35°C
Mixing Ratio 1 Part by weight of ELASTIC COAT-600 Liquid Component, 1.5 Part by weight of Bondfit -800 Powder Component.
Coverage 14 to 18 sq.ft. per kg for 2 coats (approx.)
Specific Gravity of  Mix Material 1.6
Water Impermeability Excellent
Shelf Life 9 Months
Recoating Interval 3 Hours
Recommended Coat Minimum 2 coats
Touch Dry 45 minutes
Traffic Movement 24 Hours

Packing, Storage & Shelf Life

The Liquid component of ELASTIC COAT-600 is available in 5 kg & 50kg, 100kg & 200kg packing and Bondfit-800 Powder is available in 7.5 kg & 30 kg sacks.
Bondfit-800 Powder should be stored dry and in sealed packing. Do not stack more than five bags above each other.  ELASTIC COAT-600 should be stored at room temperature in sealed containers. 

Shelf life:
Nine months.

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