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Ready-to-Use, Free Flow, Non-Shrink Grout


COREFIT-H is a ready to use, dry powder, which when mixed with water, produces a free flowing, non-shrink grout. The material is a blend of specially processed cement, pre-graded fillers and additives, which impart:

  • High early & final strengths due to very low water requirements.
  • Controlled expansion to retain the original volume filled even after setting.
  • Free flow characteristics without any segregation and bleeding.

COREFIT-H, on setting, will have a micro cellular structure with high frost, fire and oil resistance.

Requirements & Constructional Considerations

In any existing structure, the machinery, equipment etc. to be erected must be connected with the load bearing concrete by steel construction or directly in such a way that the static and dynamic loads and forces of various kinds are transferred, the connection can be utilized in a reasonably short time and a reasonably firm and corrosion-protected connection is obtained in those areas which are no longer accessible afterwards.

However, it is quite possible that the apparatus or machinery cannot be fastened. They must be then connected with the construction by means of anchor bolts, which are mounted in the respective recesses in the concrete and then filled up, by grouting under a suitable baseplate. This grouting must  meet the following requirements:

  • It must ensure a permanent and frictional connection between the machines etc. to be mounted and their foundation.
  • It must bear the static and dynamic forces.


COREFIT-H is particularly formulated to meet the requirements mentioned above owing to the selection of appropriate polymer binders and chosen aggregates. It guarantees a permanent and reliable bond between machines and equipment etc. and the foundation or structure. It exhibits the following properties:

  • High Initial and Final Strengths.
  • Good pourability and flowability in spite of a very small amount of water added.
  • COREFIT-H does not shrink and has high dimensional stability.
  • It forms an excellent bonding strength, which prevents detachment from concrete and wall faces.
  • It forms a dense grout because of low air entrainment.
  • Controlled expansion occurs in the unset material to ensure that he grout, when cured, will continue to occupy its original volume within the confines of the Voids in which it was placed.
  • It is chloride free and Iron free.

Uses & Advantages

  • COREFIT-H is used for heavy-duty support beneath load bearing units especially where high static and dynamic forces occur. It is also used as an efficient medium for transferring all operational loads to the foundation.
  • It is used for effective grouting of base plates and Bolt pockets of turbo generators, diesel generating sets, crane and transporter rails even with high wheel loadings, heavy reciprocating equipments, compressors, pump sets, pulverizing mills, metal shearing & processing machines, steel rolling mill beds, cement, textile and paper plant machinery.
  • Because of its High Strength, it cam be used under heavy-duty machines and equipments with high operational and static loads.
  • It ensures high level of contact with load bearing area, helps complete filling without voids.
  • It is chloride free and hence does not cause corrosion of machine parts, anchor bolts etc., in contact with grout.

General Handling & Processing Instructions

  • All kinds of contaminations, such as fat, oil, dust and cement slurry must be removed from the surface to be connected.
  • The concrete base surface must be thoroughly wetted.
  • After the machine has been adjusted, a tight shuttering has to be made before the concrete is placed. The shuttering shall extend at least 5 cm above the bottom edge of the machine.
  • For all normal grouting work of thickness upto 5 cm, the following mix has proved to be suitable. 1 sack = 25 kg COREFIT-H plus 3.35 litres of water = 11-12 litres of ready compound.
  • Air pockets should be avoided. COREFIT-H should be poured from one side only. COREFIT-H can also be placed as pumped grout by means of suitable pumps.
  • While placing COREFIT-H and up to approx. 2 hrs. thereafter, strong vibrations of any kind are to be avoided.
  • High temperature accelerates the hardening process while low temperatures have a retarding effect. If the temperature is below +50C make sure that the grout mix is to be placed as well as the contact areas are heated up to a temperature of +200C.

Technical Data

Test 1 Days 3 Days 7 Days 14 Days 28 Days
Compressive Strength (kg/cm2) * 280 520 600 650 750
Flexural Strength (kg/cm2) * 55 86 89 98 101

* Above Strengths are at 16% water and 300C temperature. The test is as per DIN standards on prisms of 40 X 40 X 100 mm. Flow table slump 16-18 cm. Compressive strength is tested on broken halves of above prisms.

Packing, Storage, Consumption & Shelf Life

COREFIT-H is packed in 30 kg. sacks.
COREFIT-H is to be stored like cement.
Consumtion of the material is 2000 Kg/m3
It has Shelf Life of One Year.

Typical Applications of COREFIT-H

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