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cinterseal WB
Water Based Epoxy Floor Coating


As a joint less, tough coat on Cementitious surfaces to provide a dustproof and more easily cleaned surface with resistance to penetration of oil, water and chemicals. Suitable for indoor-car parks, water tanks, floors of warehouses, industrial buildings. Also used as Primer for providing excellent bonding between existing coating and new coating.


Easy to lay Simple brush or roller application
Chemical resistant Good resistance to oil & chemicals
Durability Good resistance to abrasion
Dustproofing Totally seals the concrete surface preventing dusting
Easy to clean Can be washed and cleaned easily
As Primer Outstanding bonding between new & old coating


CINTERSEAL WB is two-pack water based epoxy coating. It has excellent adhesion to cementitious surface and when cured, forms a hard, flexible, semi-gloss film to seal concrete and other substrates. Two coats are recommended after a primer coat on properly cleaned concrete.

Physical Properties

Pot life 30 min. at 250C
Mixing Ratio 1 part Base to 3 parts Hardener by weight
Touch Dry 8 hour at 250C
Time between Coats 12 hours at 250C
Full cure 6 days at 250C
Spreading Rate 4-6 sq.mt./kg. per coat
Shelf Life 12 months

Instructions For Uses

Surface Preparation
The substrate must be clean, dry and free from all contaminations. All loose materials should be swept away and excess laitance if present removed by etching with acid solution. The surface should then be washed off to provide a clean neutral surface and allowed to dry overnight.

For Existing Coating
Clean the surface thoroughly, remove the dust, dirt and loose particles. Apply CINTERSEAL WB Coating.

The entire contents of hardener container should be thoroughly poured into the base container and the two materials thoroughly mixed at least 3-5 minutes.

Apply the mixed CINTERSEAL WB to the clean and dry previously primed substrate by using a standard paint brush or roller to produce a thin film. Make certain that the entire surface is covered and a continuous coating of uniform thickness is obtained. Two coats are normally required.

Tools and equipments should be cleaned with water. Epoxy thinner immediately after use.

Packaging And Coverage Health And Safety

Packing Size - 5kg. & 50kg. (As per requirement)
Spreading rate 4-6 sq.mt. per kg. mixed per coat.

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