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Self Level, Fast Setting of Permanent Joint and Floor Repair Mortar

Product Description

CINTER-SL SCREED 'J' is based on carefully selected solvent less resin composition. It is a two component system consisting of Base (component A), Hardener (component B). It is a self-leveling composition and forms a very smooth, hygienic, hard wearing and chemical resistant floor joint filling and repairing.

Product Features

It can be used without interrupting operations.
Fast Setting: Set with in 2 hrs and work can be started after 2 hrs.
Hygienic: It provides jointless flooring and is also used as a sealing of floor joint, making it dust free and is easy to clean because of smooth surface. Chemical Resistance: It is resistant to most chemicals.
Wear Resistance: It provides a tough floor topping to withstand foot, light and heavy vehicular traffic.
Life span: It increases the life span of joints and floor.
Economical: It reduces the cost of material by adding the aggregates

Recommended Uses

CINTER-SL SCREED ' J' is recommended for use where extremely hygienic, abrasion/ chemical resistant and dust free environment is required. It is ideally suited for following industries:

  • All mechanical & textiles industries, paper mills, automobile units/ workshops and any type of floor repair.
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Electronic Assembly Area
  • Clean Rooms
  • Paint Industries
  • Dyeing Units
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Fixing of Acid Proof Tiles

Product Specifications

Theoretical Coverage 1.7kg/sq.mtr./mm depending on substrate conditions.
Application Serrated Trowel.
Cure Time Initial Cure – 1 hrs.
Full Mech. Cure – 12 hrs.
Finish Gloss/Matte
Pot Life 20 min.
Mixing Ratio As directed on container
Ready for use To Walk – 1.30 hrs.
To Light Traffic – 2 hrs
Tensil Strength kg/sq.mtr. 150-250 kg.
Compressive Strength 600-900 kg.
Flexural Strength 250-450 kg.
Specific Gravity 1.6-1.7

Surface Preparation

Successful repair to concrete floors & joints depends totally on correct surface preparation. Particular care should be taken to ensure all surfaces are completely free of laitance, oil, dust, grease, plaster, paint, and corrosion etc.etc. Oil and grease deposit should be removed by steam cleaning or detergent scrubbing. Smooth surfaces should be mechanically roughened by scabbing or needle gun to form a good key. Edges of the areas for the repair must be saw cut to 5-10 mm to avoid leather edging. Finally the complete area should be blown clean with oil free compressed air.

Method of Application

Mix the contents in container of CINTER-SL SCREED 'J' base thoroughly well to redisperse settled matter if any. Pour the base into a clean vessel. Add the required quantity of hardener to the Base and mix thoroughly preferably by a mixture. Spread the mixture to the floor immediately to the required thickness by means of rollers and serrated trowels. The floor should be rolled by a spiked roller to remove trapped air. The floor shall self-level to uniform colour and smoothness.

Handling & Safety

Take normal precautions to avoid skin contact. Provide well-ventilated conditions or use suitable respiratory protection. If any areas where product comes into contact with skin, wash with soap and water. Splashes in the eyes should be well flushed out at least 10 minutes with fresh water and medical attention sought.

This information given in this folder is of a very basic nature and without warranty. The users are advised to contact us before using for a specific application.