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Two Component Epoxy Based Low viscosity Coating.


CINTER EP PRIMER is a two Component System Epoxy used as Primer for Epoxy Floor Coating/ TOP CINTER-48 for Concrete Surfaces. Beside Primer for Epoxy Floor Coating /TOP CINTER-48, it is also used as sealing of pores in the Cement Surface.

CINTER EP PRIMER is used as a colourless stabilizing impregnation or sealing material for cement bound surfaces such a horizontal concrete areas which are subject to light traffic e.g. bridge Caps, Foot-paths, concrete roads or industrial floors, storage areas, high-rise and underground garages, petrol stations, parking areas, garages, aircraft hangers etc.

CINTER EP PRIMER can be used to impregnate cement based plaster, on both old and new concrete, since the hydration on account of the hydrophilic (water loving) properties of the liquid CINTER EP PRIMER is not affected.

In addition, CINTER EP PRIMER can also be used on cement bound surfaces as primer for Epoxy Floor Coating/ Top Cinter-48 etc.


Mixing Ratio base/hardner 5:1
Specific Gravity 1.0
Pot Life hour 1
Touch Dry hours 2
Shelf Life Year 1


  • Due to low viscosity, high Penetration in Concrete/Cement Surface.
  • Increases the surface hardness.
  • Colourless dust proof Coating.
  • Increases the abrasion resistance.
  • After cure, it is resistant to Acid, Alkalies, Salts & Solvents.
  • Forms a Seal against Penetration of Water & Soluble Salts.
  • Carbonation is prevented by prevention of Steel of R.C.C.
  • It renders the concrete frost resistant.

Substrate Preparation

Cemented undersurfaces must be dry, firm, of good traction and free from dust, laitance and dirt particles and additionally free of oil, grease and other impurities, which can prevent good adhesion.


Five Parts of Component A (resin) and one part of Component B (hardener) of CINTER EP PRIMER should be mixed by pouring the Component B into Component A, thoroughly by mechanical stirrer until the mixture is free of streakiness. The temperature of both components should be at least 150 C on mixing.


It should be stored in dry and cool Area. The products can be stored for one year in well-sealed containers in a dry place.

Method of Application

Surface should be free from dust, oil, Greece, Loose Cement/Concrete Surface.

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