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Admixture for cement Grout to increase the flowability of cement.


BNS-GROUT is an admixture for grouting ducts in post tensioned prestresses concrete structures. It ensures permanent contact and an excellent bond to entire grouted surfaces. The expanding properties decrease the natural settlement before the starting of initial set and shrinkage of the grout. The plasticizing effect helps plasticizing the grout so that a good workability and a proper grouting operation is achieved. Within 3 days after grouting a high frost-resistance is obtained which fulfills the regulations for grouting prestressed structures.


BNS-GROUT plasticizes the grouting mortar and thus avoids segregation and improves cohesion. Reducing the water content of the mix possible. It generates microgas bubbles so that an optimum expanding and jointing effect can be achieved.

BNS-GROUT does not contain chloride or any other substances harmful to concrete or steel.


Before admixing BNS-GROUT the mix should be made homogenous with water for about 2 to 3 minutes. After that BNS-GROUT should be added to the mix at a ratio of 2 to 5% of plasticizing properties of cement weight. The whole operation should be of at least 4 minutes.

Due to high dispersion of BNS-GROUT it is possible to reduce the w/c ratio in order to get a denser mix. A preliminary test is necessary. The grouting operation can be carried out easily and effectively into very narrow cross-section without increasing the water content of the mix.

The expanding and swelling effect starts slowly but immediately after mixing the grout BNS-GROUT contains suitable thixotropic substances which prevent segregation and provide a high bond to the contact surface without voids in the grouted mass.

The setting and hardening process of the BNS-GROUT admixed grout is slightly retarded in order to carry on the grouting operation effectively on larger surfaces or to regrout where necessary.

If non-shrink grout is not used under machine foundation for economical reason BNS GROUT can be added to impart non-shrinking properties to the grouting mix.

BNS-GROUT can generally be admixed with all normal cement type. However a preliminary test at the site is necessary. Our technical advisory staff will be glad to give you any further information that you may require.

If a large area has to be grouted, it is possible to admix a STANRO SPS(R) in order to prolong retardation of the grout. In special cases plasticizer can also be admixed. In every case, a preliminary site test is necessary to determine compatibility.


  • Form : Powder, free from chlorides
  • Consumption : 2 to 5% of cement weight
  • Storage and : Store in original bags , protected from direct sunlight.
  • Shelf life : Shelf life two year in original packing.
  • Packing : 1,5,10,20kg sacks

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